Top Sales People Collaborate and Problem-Solve, then Close

Just 4% of salespeople in the United States sell 94% of the goods and services, according to a study by Gallup and Harvard University. What does this small segment of highly successful sales professionals know that others don’t? A study conducted by Cranfield University School of Management and Silent Edge identified eight common sales styles used […]

Sales tools to invite collaboration

Sales tools should help discover needs and inspire collaboration

One rule I established when I founded my advisory practice is that sales is about listening and collaborating, not presenting.  I had watched the cost of sales at many companies skyrocket because highly qualified sales opportunities would dissipate when elaborate sales presentations fell flat at the very first meeting.  These presentaitons, like most other sales […]

CIOs have no time for you

Many tech companies see relationships with CIOs as the Holy Grail of their sales and marketing efforts.  But should you really spend the money and effort it takes for effective CIO egagement? Pro’s of targeting CIO’s: CIO’s have the power to approve or veto technology purchases, so relationships with them can be critical to getting […]