Orchestrate Solutions

Many companies we work with want to move to a more consultative or “solution selling” approach. Others are looking to actually assemble and deliver solutions based on their core products. Such solutions may incorporate professional services, education, partner products and services, out-of-the-box templates or specialized deployment guides.

Common Objectives of a Solutions Initiative are:

  • Raise average deal size
  • Enable more successful deployments
  • Engage higher-level decision-makers within target accounts
  • Sell more of the product stack in each opportunity
  • Raise the value of the company’s products to customers.

What we’ve done to help with Solution Selling:

  • Identify the core business use-cases where the company’s products provide tangible benefits and solve real business problems.
  • Work with Sales to determine what knowledge, skills, and tools they need most to succeed
  • Create audience-appropriate messaging, value propositions, and qualitative and/or quantitative ROI models that are validated by real customers and backed by real success stories.
  • Develop marketing and sales collateral and design awareness and demand generation campaigns based on the solution selling approach.
  • Educate direct and partner sales to help them succeed with the solution selling approach.

What we’ve done to help with Solution Orchestration:

  • Identify opportunity areas in the market where your core capabilities can be leveraged in the context of broader solutions.
  • Define how to integrate products, services, and partner offerings into a cohesive answer to your customers’ needs
  • Recruit key partners to participate in a solution, and define the value to the partner and to joint customers
  • Define go-to-market strategies and plans for the new solutions
  • Develop education and tools for sales, professional services, partners, and other customer-facing personnel to empower them to market, sell, and deliver the solutions.

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