Reach into New Industries and Markets

Technology companies often ask us to help broaden their market footprint, or focus in on specific industries or segments where they see opportunity for growth.

Companies Entering New Markets or Increasing Focus on Existing Ones Want to:

  • Systematically identify and prioritize target markets
  • Build the skills, capabilities, and tools to pursue a market opportunity
  • Proliferate domain expertise beyond a small group of experts
  • Create credibility and moment in the new market
  • Align organization and compensation to market-specific objectives.

How We Help:

  • Identify and prioritize target industries, solution areas, or markets
  • Find use-cases where your products or services are most relevant
  • Help you understand the pains and objectives of key stakeholders
  • Define go-to-market plans to enter and expand within this market
  • Develop alliances strategies to gain credibility and account access
  • Create industry or audience-specific value proposition, marketing content, and sales tools
  • Build sales rep and channel acceptance and skill sets

Results We’ve Achieved

  • Identified and prioritized new solutions that drove $45M in incremental revenue in their first year
  • Developed and helped implement a new sales strategy that resulted in record sales that beat quota by over 200%
  • Created sales tools and training for a target industry that helped close $1.3M deal in first quarter of use

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