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I bet you already have a long list of launch announcements and product training sessions for your sales kickoff.   That’s important information, but it’s not enough. If your sales people are still having difficulty engaging executive and business audiences, even…

Just 4% of salespeople in the United States sell 94% of the goods and services, according to a study by Gallup and Harvard University. What does this small segment of highly successful sales professionals know that others don’t? A study conducted…

"How do we prioritize target industries?"  This question comes up often in my conversations with founders strapped for sales resources and under pressure to deliver a repeatable revenue stream. At companies with a long sales history, industry-specific activity tends to…

One rule I established when I founded my advisory practice is that sales is about listening and collaborating, not presenting.  I had watched the cost of sales at many companies skyrocket because highly qualified sales opportunities would dissipate when elaborate…

The most successful B2B salespeople clearly understand that they’re selling to people and not just to businesses. While they take time to understand their customer’s business, they know that identifying each individual buyers’ decision-making mindset is essential to making a…

42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue provides practical ideas and proven strategies that boost B2B sales by making every aspect of your business more relevant to customers. The rules cover critical concepts, including:

  • Making “Mattering to Customers” your company’s core competence
  • Pursuing markets where you’re most relevant
  • Cultivating customer collaboration
  • Defining value and relevance using the customers context
  • Using solutions and industry specialization to increase relevance
  • Putting customer relevance into practice through your sales channels

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