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Engage New Audiences

A common request from our clients is to help them reach new audiences. Many technology companies begin by targeting technologists as buyers, and later want to expand their messages to resonate with senior IT and Line of Business audiences. Others began by targeting a specific function, and now want to broaden their pitch to include influencers or buyers within other organizations.

Our Clients' Objectives Include:

  • Accelerate deal closure by engaging senior decision-makers
  • Broaden presence in existing accounts into other functions or groups
  • Build relationships with senior buyers
  • Gain early visibility of opportunities
  • Build a reputation as a trusted advisor rather than just another vendor
  • Compete against entrenched competitors with c-level access.

How We Can Help:

  • Define the connection between your technology, and your customers’ business results
  • Quantify the benefits you provide for your customers' businesses
  • Better communicate relevance to existing target customers
  • Articulate value to each decision maker and influencer
  • Educate and equip sales and partners to engage a variety of audiences

Results We've Delivered

  • Provided tools and training to sales that resulted within the first three months of use in a $1.3M deal - closed by engaging financial and senior decision makers.
  • Designed a new approach to the clients' positioning and demos that engaged business buyers with benefits rather than features, opening doors to 20% more executive meetings.

How Good is
Your Sales Pitch?

Get more relevant and more engaging from the first sales meeting.

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"The value props TSG developed really resonate with customers, and have helped us reach higher-level decision-makers."

— Kristine Chamberlain,
Sales Director

"Its easy for technologists to get too focused on products and features. The Shirman Group helped us complement the best technology on the market with the ability to demonstrate tangible value and relevance to our customer’s top business priorities - and that’s what closes the big deals."

— Rick Schmaltz,
Vice President,
Business Unit, CA



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