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Strengthen Strategic Alliances

Alliances are indispensable to the enterprise market. They let companies rapidly scale sales capacity, gain credibility in a new market, create more complete solutions, or ensure successful product deployment and use. Companies have turned to us to help attract the right partners, establish mutually valuable relationships, and succeed together in the marketplace.

Our Clients' Objectives Have Included

  • Grow alliance-influenced revenue
  • Gain traction with Global SIs
  • Complete or complement their product offerings
  • Raise partners’ commitment to and investment in their business
  • Add scalability and efficiency to partner management, and improve ease of doing business for partners.

How We've Helped

  • Defined the value proposition of an alliance to partners and their customers
  • Identify companies who can complete or complement client's offerings
  • Provide a framework for build / partner / acquire decisions
  • Defined and established a partner marketing function
  • Designed an award-winning world-wide partner program
  • Recruited and negotiated with complementary technology vendors.

Results We've Delivered

  • Raised partners' investment in co-marketing by 30% year over year
  • Recruited 30 complementary technology partners to provide customer choice for best-of-breed options
  • Helped client become a part of three Global SI "repeatable solutions".

Get a Channel Enablement

"I would readily recommend Shirman Group services to anyone looking to strengthen strategic alliances..."

— Mercedes Ellison,
Vice President of Global Partner Sales,

"The Shirman Group armed our Alliances team with the tools to expand our most strategic relationships, and formulated the value those alliances provide to customers. Most importantly, the Shirman Group team facilitated unprecedented cooperation between our Alliances and Marketing organizations."

— Rick Jackson,
Chief Marketing Officer,

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