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2+2 Pitch your Pitch Session

Is your sales presentation ready to pitch to customers, or into the garbage? You spend money and resources to feed leads into your pipeline. Make sure you are making the most of them.

How compelling is your investor pitch?

Will your investor pitch get you a term sheet, or get you pitched out of the room? Investors see hundreds of pitches monthly. Make sure yours is the one that leaves them asking for more details.

The Pitch Your Pitch session will help you:

  • Raise the relevance of your pitch to key audiences
  • Maximize effectiveness in customer or investor presentations
  • Advance the sales or funding process from the initial meeting
  • Encourage audience engagement and your own credibility

Review your sales or investor pitch in an in-person 2-hour session and get direct feedback from one of our expert coaches. Then receive additional feedback as you work to refine your story and presentation. We will evaluate your pitch based on 9 criteria of sales presentation success:

1.     Relevance to target audience

2.     Credibility of value claims

3.     Clarity of differentiators

4.     Story flow

5.     Ability to engage and maintain interest level

6.     Professionalism and tone of presentation materials

7.     Slide and handout design

8.     Appropriate level of interactivity with audience

9.     Effectiveness of your pitch in moving to next stage of sales cycle

What our clients are saying:

"The value props TSG developed really resonate with customers, and have helped us reach higher-level decision-makers."

— Kristine Chamberlain,
Sales Director

The Shirman Group helped us complement the best technology on the market with the ability to demonstrate tangible value and relevance to our customer’s top business priorities - and that’s what closes the big deals."

— Rick Schmaltz,
Vice President,
Telecommunications Sales & Business Development, CA

The Pitch Your Pitch Session includes a 2-hour hour workshop and one week of unlimited coaching and feedback over email as you improve your pitch. The cost of the Pitch Your Pitch Session is $950, and there are no restrictions on the number of participants in the workshop.

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