Creating a Value Story that Sticks
After a sales presentation, what do your buyers really remember? You may be surprised! It’s not always the compelling statistics you’ve provided. It’s more often the stories you share that stick with them long after the presentation is over. According to a study noted in Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, 63% of […]
Top Sales People Collaborate and Problem-Solve, then Close
Just 4% of salespeople in the United States sell 94% of the goods and services, according to a study by Gallup and Harvard University. What does this small segment of highly successful sales professionals know that others don’t? A study conducted by Cranfield University School of Management and Silent Edge identified eight common sales styles used […]
Does Your Buyer Focus on the Pain or the Gain?
The most successful B2B salespeople clearly understand that they’re selling to people and not just to businesses. While they take time to understand their customer’s business, they know that identifying each individual buyers’ decision-making mindset is essential to making a sale. One key aspect of the buying mindset is motivation: Is the buyer focused on pain […]
CIOs have no TIME for you
Many tech companies see relationships with CIOs as the Holy Grail of their sales and marketing efforts.  But should you really spend the money and effort it takes for effective CIO engagement? Pro’s : CIO’s have the power to approve or veto technology purchases, so relationships with them can be critical to getting their all-important […]
Interview with Rajat Paharia: Creating loyalty using Big Data and Gamification
I recently had the opportunity to chat with Rajat Paharia, founder and chief product officer at Bunchball, about his new book, Loyalty 3.0, pivoting startups, and the differences between the business of games and the gamification of business. Lilia: You were one of the first to see the potential for gaming methodology in marketing.   What sparked […]
7 Ways to Waste Time at a Planning Meeting
Amid meeting quarterly numbers, executing strategic programs, and dealing with day-to-day minutia, it’s helpful to occasionally pause, look at the big picture, consider long-term objectives, update strategies, and make plans. That pause often takes the shape of a management off-site.  (I’m calling it an off-site even when held in a large conference room on site.) […]
Customer-Generated Intelligence
Watching some of the new ventures getting funded over the last several months, there’s an interesting trend that’s turning user-generated content into real value for companies and their customers. One example is Driveway Software, which develops applications that insurance companies offer to their customers.  The apps track driving behavior, and enable the insurer to offer discounts […]
Seven Ways to Matter More to Customers
I just hosted a webinar introducing the second edition of my book, 42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue: Practical Strategies for Increasing B2B Customer Relevance. Watch the webinar to get a quick overview of 7 strategies for becoming more relevant to customers: Selecting markets where you matter Focusing on customer interactions rather than your org […]
Social Media: Cheap but Useless for B2B Lead Gen
In a recent study of B2B demand generation practices conducted by Software Advice, social media was among the most popular marketing channels, and a top spending priority for next year, despite receiving low marks for both quality and volume of leads it generates. Social media was the 3rd worse in terms of quantity of leads […]
At your 2013 SKO, create listeners and story tellers
I bet you already have a long list of launch announcements and product training sessions for your 2013 sales kickoff.   That’s important information, but it’s not enough. If your sales people are still having difficulty engaging executive and business audiences, even after that expensive solution selling training you invested in so recently, it’s because they […]