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Go-to-Market Strategy

Article: Marketing can lead big change by tackling the human factors

Strategic marketing groups are often the source of major shifts in a company's approach to sales and marketing as well as its overall growth strategy. (New article by Lilia Shirman in B2B Buzz)

Free Client Brief: Beyond Net Promoter Scoring

Understanding customer-generated word of mouth.

The highly popular Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction metric has gained broad adoption in the last five years. Customers’ likelihood to recommend you to others is a great measure of their satisfaction and loyalty. Unfortunately, Net Promoter scoring limits visibility and could lead your customer satisfaction initiatives astray. That's why most companies incorporate NPS into their Customer Feedback systems rather than use it as designed. There are many other critical questions to ask your customers. Here’s a quick introduction to Net Promoter Scoring and how to gather and use information about customer word-of-mouth in a way that's valuable for your business.

Article: Cultivating Customer Collaboration Is a Mindset

Why customers demand greater vendor transparency and increased influence over what is sold to them, where, and how (New article by Lilia Shirman in B2B Buzz).

Workbook Creating Your Use Case-Driven Value Story

Get heard above the noise, and demonstrate credibility and relevance to customers. This workbook guides you through the creation of a TRU Value™ (Tangible, Relevant, and Unique Value) narrative for your company, products, or services. It includes frameworks for selecting target Use Cases and customer objectives, and templates for gathering Use Case details and developing your story and message.

Customer Relevance

Article: Turn Your Pitch into a Conversation

Help your sales people listen and get on the same side of the table with the customer by turning your sales pitch into a conversation. (New article by Lilia Shirman in B2B Buzz)

Article: Hand the Pen to the Customer

What happens when the customer is not involved? (New article by Lilia Shirman in B2B Buzz)

Article: Stop Marketing, Start Collaborating

There are now so many channels for communication; it seems customers should be more engaged than ever. Are yours? (New article by Lilia Shirman in B2B Buzz)


Industry Marketing

Benchmarking Study: Vertical Market Specialization by B2B Vendors

View B2B Marketing and Vertical Market Specialization Webcast

This Study presents data from 125 B2B vendors about motivations, practices, and results of specializing resources to focus on target vertical markets. Find out:

  • What motivates companies to invest in specializing for target vertical markets
  • How specialization in marketing, sales, alliances, services, and products evolves over time
  • How industry focus impacts revenue, lead generation, and brand awareness

Get Free Executive Summary  

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Case Study: Harvesting Revenue Opportunity in New and Complex Markets at CA Wily

Learn how CA Wily created momentum in a key industry.

Case Study: Prioritizing Solutions for Rapid Revenue Growth

Learn how we helped BEA identify new solutions that could drive substantial new revenue in the following fiscal year.


Solutions Marketing

Free White Paper: Succeeding with Solutions White Paper

A practical guide to identifying, developing, and succeeding with solutions.

Companies are looking for ways to combat commoditization, raise their average deal size, and engage more senior, business-focused decision makers. Many such vendors see solution offerings as the answer. Unfortunately, many begin to stall almost immediately, with internal disagreements about what solutions are, and how much to invest in creating them. Here’s a simple guide to help you

  • Differentiate between solutions and products

  • Define an appropriate role for your company within the solution stack

  • Select solution areas in which to invest

  • Enlist all the organizations and processes required to make the solution a market success


Sales Enablement

Free Client Brief: Cultivating Customer References: Leveraging Past Success for Future Sales

Leverage past success for future sales. Customer success stories are regularly cited as the most valuale sales tool.


Alliances & Channels

Article: Nurture Your Channels

Your company’s ability to try new initiatives and pursue new market opportunities depends on the ability of your sales channels to adapt.  To help them effectively, deliver tools and knowledge appropriate to each channel segment. (New article by Lilia Shirman in B2B Buzz)


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