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About The Shirman Group

The Shirman Group helps technology companies grow revenue by offering and communicating greater value and relevance to key audiences, extending their company's reach into high-value customer segments and industries, and developing strong, mutually beneficial alliances.

Our Operating Principles:

  • Our singular focus is our clients' objectives
  • We are passionate about solving complex problems creatively— that's why we're in this business.
  • We always take the time to make sure what our clients ask for is what they really want, and what they really need.
  • We don't have "packaged services" — what we do for each clients is entirely unique to that client's needs.
  • Data-driven decisions are critical. Data is never perfect or complete. So— analyze what you have, then act!

Our Team:

The Shirman Group team brings together expertise in disciplines essential to savvy planning and flawless execution. Our experts in business strategy, solution, product, and industry marketing, customer research, lead generation, and team performance and communication are dedicated to collaborating with our clients to deliver lasting, measurable results.

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