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September 2012

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September 6, 2012

There's a lot happening at The Shirman Group that I want to let you know about. An experienced marketing exec has joined our team.  Our clients and Silicon Valley CMOs are talking about important changes that will transform their organizations - and will likely impact yours.  We've added new brain candy on SlideShare about context-relevant value propositions, and we're making time to help you kick off new thinking for 2013 with our "Insight in 60" sessions.  Read on about:  
Shirman Group News
Charles Born

Silicon Valley CMO with Solutions and Digital Marketing Expertise Joins Our Team

I’m excited that Charles Born has joined the Shirman Group extended team.  Charlie has been driving revenue growth as CMO at Fortune 1000 companies and new ventures,and is bringing his considerable expertise to help Shirman Group clients differentiate, develop go-to-market strategy, and leverage their customer base to accelerate sales.
5 Trends Driving Marketing Transformation
In a recent panel discussion with some of Silicon Valley’s top CMOs, some interesting themes emerged that pointed to 5 big trends that are re-shaping the role and nature of marketing organizations. 

Jonathan Becher, CMO at SAP, Nora Denzel, Senior VP, Big Data, Social Design and Marketing at Intuit, Anne Globe, CMO at DreamWorks Animation, and Lorraine Twohill, VP Global Marketing, Google were the speakers.  As Laura McLellan of Gartner peppered them with questions, several themes came up again and again.  Read more about each one:
  1. Customer Power
  2. Shared Ownership for Customer Experience
  3. The Product IS the Sales and Marketing
  4. Social and Digital Marketing Disappearing?
  5. The Expanding Marketing Skillset
Has Consumerization made B2B and B2C
the same?  Yes. And No. 
If individual employees have more power to select products and technologies, then should we market to them the same way we market to consumers?  

Consumerization of corporate buying decisions is leaving B2B marketers asking if and how to use B2C techniques in B2B sales.  I like to break the question up into pieces, starting with messaging, then sales strategy, and finally marketing tactics.  Read more
Have a strategic planning or go-to-market challenge you haven’t cracked? 
We can help.  
Schedule a free Insight in 60 brainstorming session.

Charlie will be available during September to discuss the following topics:
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Digital and social conversations that influence the buyer’s journey
  • Opportunities for customer conversations throughout your business

Lilia will be available during October to discuss the following topics:

  • 2013 strategy development and planning process that has legs
  • Value messaging that's tangible, relevant, and unique
  • Integrated go-to-market strategies for solutions

Contact Donna Merrill at donna@shirmangroup.com to schedule your Insight in 60 discussion.

Insight in 60
Free brainstorming sessions on hot topics

Schedule an hour with Lilia Shirman or Charlie Born to brainstorm about your toughest go-to-market strategy challenges. 
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Context-Driven Value 
New SlideShare

The Shirman Group’s Context-Driven Value™ approach describes how to create TRU™ marketing messages that articulate Tangible value and are directly Relevant to customers and Unique to your company.
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