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You need results,
not reports.

We'll help you matter more to customers and channels with solutions and value that matter most to your key audiences.


"The Shirman Group helps technology innovators like us become more relevant and more valuable to customers and partners. From strategy, to planning, to execution, The Shirman Group delivers real results."

—Chris Cook, SVP & General Manager,

CA, APM Business Unit


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Sales Survey on
Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing alignment is a challenge. Our new survey investigates how marketers and salespeople can work together more effectively, improve ROI, and generate more leads and more sales.


"Pitching Your Business Based on the Audience" in Business News Daily

Lilia Shirman contributes to this article on pitching customers, investors, business contacts, and potential acquirers.


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What do you do to matter more to your customers and grow B2B revenue? 

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       42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue

Practical Strategies to Matter More and Sell More in B2B Markets

Customer relevance is the core of any successful revenue growth strategy. 
How relevant are you to your customers?

There is no silver bullet for continuous relevance and growth. 
What are you doing to matter more?




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